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♫ The Clash - “Rock The Casbah” (keys only) ♫

Love this, Portlandia's Fred Armisen did an interview completely in Spanish! :)

"Why Fred Armisen Is So Fantastico"

Interview by: Lucila Cejas Epple

via Oregon Public Broadcasting

"Our beer is made from the finest hops and the tears of my enemies." :)

"Our beer is made from the finest hops and the tears of my enemies." :)



And Now, Here’s Some  Advice

For Kris Humphries From Snoop Dogg… [cc: @KimKardashian #NSFWish]

If you can’t watch the vid, here’s his quote:

"The first advice is, you dumb @ss n*gga, you shouldn’t have tried to wife the bitch. She’s not that type of a ho. She gets around, man. Did you see when Reggie took the bitch to Africa? She was looking at the Africans cause they had bigger d*cks than his. He didn’t know how to act afterward. They sent his ass to Miami. Ray J the only n*gga that bounced back from the bitch. She’s cold-blooded. I’m pretty sure she’ll have a book in a month talking about all the niggas she got and how she played them. So, my advice is you can’t make a ho a housewife. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Let her do what she born to do: ho. Yeah. HO. Punk bitch.”


Katy Perry’s “Firework” synchronized to Christmas lights!

The Dark Knight Rises: New Official Trailer

Gay Dads find out they’re going to be Grandpas!

Love this vid, gay Grandpas are awesome! :)


Love Clichés: Updated for Modern Times

Here’s a 21st century list of sweet nothings to whisper to your loved one.

“I love you like a fat kid loves youth-onset diabetes.”

“Love is patient, love is kind. Answer my texts in less than a minute or I will cut you.”

“My never-ending love for you will last at least 73 days.”

“Roses are red, violets are blue, our Facebook relationship is a sham and your parents know you’re gay.”

“If you love someone let them go. You can always Facebook-stalk them.”

“You had me at Netflix membership.”

“If music be the food of love, you and your new boyfriend are Nickelback at best.”

“Love is blind. You should still photoshop your profile pictures.”

“There is a person out there for everyone. Your person just happens to be five cats.”

“I love you more than most of the Apple products I own.”

(Source: Braden Graeber)
Photograph: FatKidAtCamp

St. Vincent | “Surgeon”
4AD Sessions

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